Monday, July 16, 2012

Ai Ambassadors' Poster Photoshop Process

The Ambassadors of the Art Institute wanted me to concept and build a poster to promote the club. The club members wanted something daring and cool to appeal to the creative and rebellious nature of art students.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
 Started out with a few basic pose shots. The basic inspiration was "The Usual Suspects" movie Poster. Due to their unusual schedules we had to grab pics when we could. Some pictures where even submitted via camera phone.
 I then grabbed some sample texture to start the building of the environment. I wanted a very dark and grungy look with a play with highlights, contrasts, and drab colors. Color adjustments was done in Camera Raw via Adobe Bridge.
 Then moved on to Photoshop and placed the "wall" and "floor". I adjusted the perspective and added a few filters to give it more a feeling of depth.
 I then placed the our Crest as if was some type of graffiti. The logo was originally not going to be part of the piece because we had a larger one located outside the poster. But I added it to the piece for harmony of the entire display.
 I started to add cracks and wear texture to give the feeling of age to the piece.
 Then simply inserting lines and number for a height-line and continued to add more wear and tear on the piece.
Created some shadow effects to give the illusion of over head lighting also to frame up the piece with a sort of vignette.
 I then masked out each of the "Suspects" for the piece.
 I tried to place them so they would feel as if they all belong in the environment and inter acting with each other.
 I then added shadows to pull them from the wall and give the composition more depth. I really tried to place all the shadows in different position from there host based on relative position from the "Wall". I also was careful to add shadow on people who were set behind other people.

Finished product cleaned up and some small addition to add to playfulness of the piece to communicate to the audience that they don't take ourselves to seriously.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter 2012 Stuff

This something I am working for a Magic and Ritual class. Our group are presenting ourselves as paranormal investigators with this and other footage as our findings.

All footage and effects shot and edited by me. the music was from

Fun little tribute to my favorite Meme. Also a study in camera work and editing in Maya.

Music"All by Myself" written and performed by Eric Carmen
Models provided by Sam Chen
All materials, animation, lighting, effects, editing, story, and camera work by Beau Runnels

Sunday, September 25, 2011

3D Art and Animation

12/2011- Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
Using Maya and Mud-Box I created this creepy thing and i have been questioning my sanity ever since.

12/2011- 3D Animation Exercise 
A short animation of a robot juggling a soccer ball referenced. Free hand animation, also did all the lighting and background myself. Model was provided by Professor.

12/2011- Texure and Lighting
Another room that I completely modeled and lit and, and... well everything. Even some of the photos hanging on the wall are of a friend of mine I took in my studio.

11/20011- Texture and Lighting Exercise
I didn't model the bottle. It was an assignment in class; I was given a premade model and told to build on it. I was to give the bottle a look and feel of colored glass with a label, in retrospect I believe the professor was thinking more of a wine bottle… But I prefer 7up by the bay. I did model the glass, ice, liquid, table, textures, colors, labels, background and lighting.

10/2011- Material and Lighting Excersie
Here we had to reproduce a picture of an actual room. Model, texture and light it completely from only a single photo reference.

9/2011- Introduction to 3D Modeling
This is a "Big Wheel" model I did with just some reference off the internet, the "Big Wheel" was the assignment but the background and environment was extra busy work I threw in.


9/2011- Little promo video I done in After Effects for a friend of mine.
Contains creepy evil voice

8/2011- Getting my feet wet with Houdini
I like it, Very Impressive.


8/2011- Personal Project, just wanted to show some love for my favorite team.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Norman Hits a Tree

Bouncing Alien Ball
Falling Paper/Growing Flower
Zombie Kite being pulled by Cat-bus
Flour Sack Slides Down a Slide
Man Walking and Jumping
 Dragging a Sack

Drunken Ball Guy at a Bar

Pimp Pirate Walk Cycle