Sunday, September 25, 2011

3D Art and Animation

12/2011- Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
Using Maya and Mud-Box I created this creepy thing and i have been questioning my sanity ever since.

12/2011- 3D Animation Exercise 
A short animation of a robot juggling a soccer ball referenced. Free hand animation, also did all the lighting and background myself. Model was provided by Professor.

12/2011- Texure and Lighting
Another room that I completely modeled and lit and, and... well everything. Even some of the photos hanging on the wall are of a friend of mine I took in my studio.

11/20011- Texture and Lighting Exercise
I didn't model the bottle. It was an assignment in class; I was given a premade model and told to build on it. I was to give the bottle a look and feel of colored glass with a label, in retrospect I believe the professor was thinking more of a wine bottle… But I prefer 7up by the bay. I did model the glass, ice, liquid, table, textures, colors, labels, background and lighting.

10/2011- Material and Lighting Excersie
Here we had to reproduce a picture of an actual room. Model, texture and light it completely from only a single photo reference.

9/2011- Introduction to 3D Modeling
This is a "Big Wheel" model I did with just some reference off the internet, the "Big Wheel" was the assignment but the background and environment was extra busy work I threw in.


9/2011- Little promo video I done in After Effects for a friend of mine.
Contains creepy evil voice

8/2011- Getting my feet wet with Houdini
I like it, Very Impressive.


8/2011- Personal Project, just wanted to show some love for my favorite team.

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